I swore it was the end.


I still remember looking at you, wishing I had the will to keep loving you. There was something so inviting about you this time. You promised me so many new things, and delivered on them. I was ready, my body was ready, to embrace you whole-heartedly. I wanted to love you, so why couldn’t I?

Fixed Camera Survival Horror?


I like Resident Evil 6. There, I said it. It’s something a lot of people do not, though. It comes from a love of the series old mechanics and gameplay. It doesn’t seem to be purely nostalgia, but a genuine love of how it worked.

Age of Empires…Castle Siege?


I love Age of Empires. It’s a great series, and one I felt reached a high point with Age of Empires Online. Unfortunately, with the announcement of the closure of Games For Windows Live, AoEO had a premature death. I had hoped it would be saved by the re-announcement that GFWL would stay, but those […]

Game time.


I’ve run into a problem of which many people experience to a similar extent; I can’t work out what to play. For many people, this is a problem of having too many Steam games in your library and being overwhelmed. This is part of it for me, but not the main concern.

Firefall got it’s official release!

Firefall, a game I played and recorded quite a bit of, got it’s official release a few days ago on Steam. While they still haven’t implemented PVP again in the same form I was enjoying, Red5 have come a long way with the game. Questing feels better, and it feels like there is actually some […]

Wolfenstein: The New Order and modding


I’ve been a massive fan of Wolfenstein since the very first game, Wolfenstein 3D. I played it briefly as a little kid before my grandparents decided it was too adult for me and restricted my access. I doubt kids of this generation would be phased by the pixels. When I hit early high school, I […]

The Marvel of 2003 confuses me.


I am almost completely happy with my purchase of Marvel Unlimited, where for the price of around seventy dollars a year I get access to almost all of Marvels decades of comics. The only problem I have with it is that recent issues take six months to come to the service. This is to encourage […]

I am so glad I didn’t buy The Elder Scrolls Online


When I first heard about the online installment of the Elder Scrolls series, I was ecstatic. I first heard about it late 2012, after getting into Guild Wars 2 and MMORPGs in general. To me, having Elder Scrolls translated to an online experience seemed fantastical. I was in love with the worlds of Oblivion and […]