The new DOOM just makes me more hopeful for Unreal Tournament.

I was excited for the betas of DOOM’s multiplayer. The idea that we could get a big budget arena shooter based on an IP that has been beloved for decades seemed too good to be true. What we have is still a solid multiplayer game. It has a cool visual style from the maps we’ve […]

Clash Royale – A fun game to play once every 3 hours, maybe.

Supercell –creators of Clash of Clans, a game I play daily– have released their next hit game, which goes by the name Clash Royale. It’s an action RTS style game with card game elements in the Clash of Clans universe, which sounds amazing. Matches you play in the game run for just a few minutes, […]

Infinity Wars–Healing Kills

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Deck in action (YouTube). The main objective of this deck is to bring out Celestial Dragon and Corrupted Celestial Dragon. With Corrupted Celestial Dragon in the support zone, Celestial Dragon will do 40 damage instead of just 20. The commander choices are to get some early attacks and disruption happening, and the deck is full […]