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Fixed Camera Survival Horror?

I like Resident Evil 6. There, I said it. It’s something a lot of people do not, though. It comes from a love of the series old mechanics and gameplay. It doesn’t seem to be purely nostalgia, but a genuine love of how it worked. Beautiful, right? There’s a general dislike for modern games in

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Age of Empires…Castle Siege?

I love Age of Empires. It’s a great series, and one I felt reached a high point with Age of Empires Online. Unfortunately, with the announcement of the closure of Games For Windows Live, AoEO had a premature death. I had hoped it would be saved by the re-announcement that GFWL would stay, but those

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Game time.

I’ve run into a problem of which many people experience to a similar extent; I can’t work out what to play. For many people, this is a problem of having too many Steam games in your library and being overwhelmed. This is part of it for me, but not the main concern. My issue is

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Woot crate.

I came home and joy of joys, a box was waiting for me. Not just any box of course, but a Loot Crate. The greatest discovery for me in the past month was discovering that these items could now be purchased in Australia. What is a loot crate? Yes I hear you asking that, and

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