I may buy Elder Scrolls Online

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Actually, I will be buying Elder Scrolls Online. When it’s on sale for really really cheap, of course. I have had a change of heart because Zenimax have finally caved and proclaimed that not only will the game be coming to consoles, but as of the 17th of March, there will not be a mandatory […]

The real issue in the Street Fighter V exclusivity drama.

The other day Capcom announced Street Fighter V to the masses, and that it would be exclusive to the Playstation 4, and PC. There would be no Xbox One version, apparently ever. This has caused confusion and speculation galore, with people suggesting it’s because of money, it’s because Microsoft refuse to allow the game to […]

Target Australia removed GTA V from it’s shelves.

It’s been a hot topic on the Internet and among gaming communities. I wanted to put my thoughts on it right here, then move on to better things. I might make a hot coffee or something. The main concern put forward in the petition is that it encourages players to commit violence against women for […]