Pokemon GO decides having a 3 hour event is a good idea (It’s not)

So Niantic today announced the Pokemon GO Community Day, a monthly event during which players can earn double experience along with other rewards, and catch limited Pokemon, with the opening entry being a Pikachu that knows the “event exclusive” move Surf. It sounds great. I don’t play as often as I’d like, but a day […]

Dejobaan needs to kick it.

Edit (June 1st, 2018): Happy two year anniversary since the last time we saw an update for this game! Dejobaan have just started auditioning for a brand new game that isn’t in anyway related to their unfinished projects. Isn’t that great? Dejobaan Games are known for their interesting and experimental games. They’re the studio responsible […]

Pokemon Go for Apple Watch, and some possible issues I have.

Niantic has announced the development of the Pokemon Go app for Apple Watch, which will alert you of nearby Pokemon and count steps towards hatching eggs among other game-related things. This is cool and I hope there’s a release for Android Wear users too. I don’t own one, but I like the game and want […]

Old Friends: Firefall–Not quite the end, but we’re pretty much there.

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Old Friends

Well, I got to take a plunge back into Firefall yesterday during one of the brief periods the servers were up. It was a nostalgic return to a game I really liked, and it felt good returning to one of the very first games I made a video series for. Unfortunately, it was also a […]

Review: Infestation World–Déjà Z

You would think that Infestation: Survivor Stories had for lack of a better term, finished it’s story. Starting off as The War Z, the game had nothing but negative publicity with copyright infringements, lazy development and outright lying to customers as just a few of the issues that arose.   Nearly 4 years after the […]

I bought a physical copy of a dead game because I could.

So I received a package today that I did not expect. Apparently I had ordered a copy of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. I don’t remember ever ordering it, but here it is. This is the one Quake game I haven’t played before, but wish I had. The first game in the ET series, Wolfenstein: Enemy […]

I have bought Elder Scrolls Online

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series An Epic Saga Of Personal Growth

For those following the epic saga, I finally decided to put down the money for the game during the Steam QuakeCon sale, while it was $20. I also used some of the money saved to buy a couple of months of Plus to get the “full experience”. I’ve been playing it here and there, and […]