I prefer Low Priority in Dota 2.

In games like Dota 2, those players who get found to be abusive, purposely bad, or abandon too many games are thrown into a matchmaking pool called “Low Priority”. In this pool, players are forced into one game mode with only each other to play with until they can achieve three wins. In this pool of people, run-ins with toxic people and bad players are obviously far more frequent, and for most players this is genuinely unpleasant. I really like it though, and it is what keeps me playing Dota 2 the little that I do.


The game allows Low Priority players to play only Single Draft, which restricts you to a randomly selected group of 3 heroes to choose from. This is actually my favourite game mode so this restriction does not worry me at all.

Low Priority players are actually my favourites. They have flavour. They have character. The toxic guy screaming has a sharpness to his words that is funny rather than hurtful. The bad players and feeders do such comically terrible things that you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity even as we lose. I love them all, and they even lead to me creating a little hobby project called Esports Are Motivational.

motivational3Do you feel inspired, yet?

Both of these reasons bring me back to the game. I much prefer Paragon and Heroes of the Storm for my MOBA fix, but the colourful matches I’ve been experiences in the ass-end of Valve’s money-maker are some of the more fun I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. While I don’t think it will bring me back completely, it’s a little thing to pass the time. This is the only way I want to play it, though.