Pokemon GO decides having a 3 hour event is a good idea (It’s not)

So Niantic today announced the Pokemon GO Community Day, a monthly event during which players can earn double experience along with other rewards, and catch limited Pokemon, with the opening entry being a Pikachu that knows the “event exclusive” move Surf. It sounds great. I don’t play as often as I’d like, but a day […]

Blizzard dropping the Battle.net brand.

Blizzard have announced they are going to stop referring to any of their services by the Battle.net name, unifying everything under the Blizzard name instead to match their other products like Blizzard Streaming. The decision to throw away a legacy as well known in gaming as Battle.net isn’t something you do on a whim, but […]

Grandma Shirley makes me so happy.

Grandma Shirley is a beautiful soul of a YouTuber. She’s around 80, and just has the loveliest voice and demeanour. She’s also celebrating her one year anniversary on the platform! This also serves as personal confirmation that she is indeed real. I always assumed Shirley was real, but there was always that niggling doubt that […]