Pokemon GO decides having a 3 hour event is a good idea (It’s not)

So Niantic today announced the Pokemon GO Community Day, a monthly event during which players can earn double experience along with other rewards, and catch limited Pokemon, with the opening entry being a Pikachu that knows the “event exclusive” move Surf. It sounds great. I don’t play as often as I’d like, but a day […]

Dejobaan needs to kick it.

Edit (June 1st, 2018): Happy two year anniversary since the last time we saw an update for this game! Dejobaan have just started auditioning for a brand new game that isn’t in anyway related to their unfinished projects. Isn’t that great? Dejobaan Games are known for their interesting and experimental games. They’re the studio responsible […]

The new DOOM just makes me more hopeful for Unreal Tournament.

I was excited for the betas of DOOM’s multiplayer. The idea that we could get a big budget arena shooter based on an IP that has been beloved for decades seemed too good to be true. What we have is still a solid multiplayer game. It has a cool visual style from the maps we’ve […]

Target Australia removed GTA V from it’s shelves.

It’s been a hot topic on the Internet and among gaming communities. I wanted to put my thoughts on it right here, then move on to better things. I might make a hot coffee or something. The main concern put forward in the petition is that it encourages players to commit violence against women for […]