The new DOOM just makes me more hopeful for Unreal Tournament.

I was excited for the betas of DOOM’s multiplayer. The idea that we could get a big budget arena shooter based on an IP that has been beloved for decades seemed too good to be true.

What we have is still a solid multiplayer game. It has a cool visual style from the maps we’ve been allowed to see. The gameplay could be fun at times. It’s fun getting the demon power-up and being nigh-unstoppable, though on the other end of the spectrum, it sucks when someone else is the demon and you don’t get to do much of any use for the following few minutes.


Look at that! Doesn’t it look fucking rad?

Of course, the arena shooter we were promised and I had hoped for –some blend of classic Doom and Quake III gameplay– isn’t going to happen. Instead, we have something that tries to appeal to a larger market. It makes sense on paper, I guess. Progression systems, item rewards and the like all keep people hooked and playing the game. We can assume the gameplay is slower than it could be because the game is coming out on consoles too, and as much as I love my Xbox, I know that controllers just can’t do what a mouse can do when it comes to aiming.

So where does this leave me? I’m looking to the new Unreal Tournament. It’s still in development, and I jump in and out of playing the Development Alpha to see how progress is going. It’s pretty fantastic despite being in such early development.

Pretty. Clean. Unreal.

See, the one thing that the DOOM multiplayer has shown me and many others, is that what we’re all craving is an actual arena shooter, on par with games like Quake III and the old school Unreal Tournament. Given we haven’t heard anything recently about the Quake series, and Quake Live was “modernized” with the the very features arena shooters do not need (Like loadouts), we turn to UT.
The newest in the Unreal Tournament series is being developed very closely with the community, so we have constant input at all stages, in all ways. Whether that be as involved as map making or creating new items for the game, or just offering feedback on how jumping feels, it’s good to know that everyone can get involved in helping Epic Games shape what feels like the next big arena shooter.

I could probably talk a whole lot about Unreal Tournament, but I want to simply point you to the website to check it out yourself, should you be reading this.

To finish this on our original topic; I love DOOM, and this multiplayer is okay. It’s not what I wanted necessarily, but it was entertaining for the few matches I played. With all the talk of purchasable multiplayer map packs I don’t think I’ll get invested in it though, as such splitting of the community has proven to never be effective. I am however, hoping for a solid single player campaign, and I’d like to see how good the SnapMap creation tools actually are.

Clash Royale – A fun game to play once every 3 hours, maybe.

Supercell –creators of Clash of Clans, a game I play daily– have released their next hit game, which goes by the name Clash Royale. It’s an action RTS style game with card game elements in the Clash of Clans universe, which sounds amazing.


Matches you play in the game run for just a few minutes, meaning this is the sort of game you can play while on a toilet break, or can focus and knock out a whole lot of games at once. Screenshots can’t do it justice, so here’s the trailer, which includes shots of gameplay.

This game is amazing, and I love it so much more than Clash of Clans. Where the game falls short though; they don’t seem to want me to play those long sessions or anything.
You see, your rewards for winning matches are chests which contain gold, gems, and more cards. There are different tiers of chest and each one has a different wait time before it opens, ranging from 3 hours to 24 hours.


This is the main screen when you aren’t in a match. You can see that there is a Free Chest system, this is a chest that can be opened every 4 hours. After that, there’s the Crown Chest, which can be opened when you win 10 Crowns (Earned by destroying buildings in matches). When you earn those 10 Crowns and open the chest, you have a 24 hour cool down before you can open it again.

At the bottom of the screen is your chest inventory. This is where shit gets really annoying. You can only hold up to 4 chests at a time, and can only unlock one at a time. So assuming you have no chests, you can play and win 4 matches before you are forced to sit and wait for 3 hours minimum, to open a chest and free up a slot.

So if I want to play and receive rewards for playing, I can play up to 4 matches in 3 hours, then I can play one every 3 hours maybe. If I’ve already opened my Crown Chest, there’s no reason for me to play when my Chest Slots are full, as I’m not earning ANYTHING, except trophies which at this point in my play doesn’t matter.

Of course, this is Supercell’s plan. They want you to buy gems to speed everything up, but I’m not a player with infinite money. This system feels really anti-player, purely because of how long the timers are. If they were a third of what they are currently, I might be a bit more okay with it. Hell, they’d just have to give us a bit more than the paltry 4 Chest Slots we have currently and I’d be okay with waiting.

Supercell have created a great game, but the over the top time gating is stopping this being something truly special. I don’t see myself spending money on it, and instead I’m going to grind out a shit ton of gems and then buy the gold I need with that.

Please let me love you, Clash Royale. Please.

Fallout 4 and the one thing I dislike about it.

Fallout 4 is great. It’s amazing. I’ve been playing it almost exclusively these past two weeks, and I feel bad about that to a degree. Then I stop feeling bad about it and boot it right back up again.

The game is almost everything I hoped for in my next trip to the wasteland. But of course, you can just read other reviews for all that is good in the game. I want to talk about one glaring issue I have with this game, one I’m worried will impede future play-throughs of it that I might attempt.

In short, it comes down to the conversation system. Here’s a screenshot from the last game in the series, Fallout: New Vegas.

maxresdefault (1)

In it, you can see three options out of the many you can scroll down and see. The system in New Vegas gave you options with multiple effects. In the image you can see one normal option and two lies. The second lie is influenced by your Barter stat; if it is 55 or above, the check will be successful and he’ll believe the lie. If your Barter is below the necessary amount, the lie that is told will be different, and probably won’t work on the NPC. Various stats could effect speech, leading to vary different discussions with each character and different results.
In addition to that, various perks you unlocked in the game could give you extra dialogue options. If you took the Confirmed Bachelor perk, you could unlock a bonus line of dialogue that could help persuade a character to help you out, for example.

Compare that idea to the following.


That is Fallout 4, and that’s what the interface looks like for conversations the entire game. You get four options for dialogue responses, and they seem to be static options that don’t change character by character. At best there are some speech checks that are influenced by the Charisma stat, but I don’t know to what end because I have literally never failed a single one.

Now, this is an eloquent and professionally designed chart of the dialogue trees in the game:


Basically, a lot of the time dialogue will go down one predefined path and nothing can change it. If you go with the sarcastic option, the character you are talking to might throw out an extra sentence of dialogue, but then continue on with the default statement he was going to make anyway.
There are a few instances where your dialogue actually has minor repercussions (another character might die, for example), but these are so few and far between that so far in sixty hours of playing, I can recall this happening once. Apart from that there’s also the ‘karma’ you can with your followers. Even if both option A and B take you to the same response from an NPC, maybe Cait prefers B and dislikes A.

This leads to a very linear experience and limits options for multiple characters. Consider this comparison, which I’m lifting from Reddit:

Man, comparing this “When Freedom Calls” quest here in this video to the quest “Ghost Town Gunfight” in Fallout New Vegas, it’s severely disappointing. Both quests have a similar premise: help defend a group of people/town from raiders/powder gangers.

In Fallout 4, the quest is completely linear, you just follow a straight line, kill all of the raiders, talk to the NPCs who apparently can’t look after themselves, hack a terminal, get the core for the power armour, get into power armour, kill more raiders, kill a deathclaw, then talk to the NPCs again and then that’s it. It’s structured like an FPS rather than an RPG, which is really disappointing.

Compared to the quest in FNV, there are so many ways you can go about the quest, in classic Fallout style. You can convince the townsfolk to help fight them off, some requiring skill checks to help give you an edge in the fight, and then you fight the powder gangers. Then and there once they attack.

Or, you could kill their leader when you first see him in the saloon, making the fight a little easier, or of course you can go over to where the gang is hanging out and eliminate them in any manner you wish, guns blazing or stealthy. Hell, with the intimidation perk, you can even scare them off, hilariously!

And that’s not all. You can even join the powder gangers with attacking the town if you want, you aren’t forced to kill them, and you aren’t forced to be the goody good guy! There are so many more choices in the first major quest in FNV compared to Fo4’s first major quests, and that’s really disappointing to see right off the bat.

Which leads to a question; is it possible to even DO evil things? In New Vegas you could opt to side with factions that are generally considered to be ‘evil’, and choose to do things otherwise looked down on. In Fallout 4 it apparently is not possible at all, apparently (possible spoilers in this link). There’s no actual choice. Of course, this is second hand information and when I do  attempt my second play-through, I’ll TRY to not be a good guy, though according to the above video, that will be a futile attempt.

I digress though. I get that there are reasons for all this, including the fact that the player character is now voice acted. I can see by restricting the dialogue to this 4-directional system, it makes things streamlined between console and PC (not necessarily a good thing) and means that mods won’t be a hassle on the console versions (a good thing)… but it doesn’t feel like Fallout. Having all those options and all those possible paths and directions is what made the series special.

2015-11-11_00004Here’s a random screenshot of my character in a dress. Just because.

While I still love Fallout 4, this was one change to the game that feels like a negative, and didn’t need to happen. We’ll see if future additions to the game fix these issues I have, or if some talented people in the modding community do it instead, but for now I guess I have to enjoy being guided through the game as I am.

Is Battlefront really worth it?

So I took advantage of the “open beta” weekend for STAR WARS Battlefront, to see what it was like. The game pointed you in the direction of where to pre-order the game instead of where to post feedback, so this is one of those situations with heavy use of air quotes when you say the word ‘beta’.

All screenshots look the same and generic, so here’s a staged wallpaper to colour up this post.

With that in mind, the game was beautiful and I could see myself playing it a bit if I owned it. A good Star Wars shooter would be an entertaining change of pace compared to the stuff I’ve been playing lately. However of course, when I go to the Origin store page for the game, I’m greeted with the horrendous price tag of $99.99 AUD.

It’s a lot and I don’t like spending more than fifty, maybe sixty dollars on a game, but being it’s a game based on a pretty massive franchise maybe it would be worth it. After all, EA have really been turning themselves around; Titanfall was awesome and Sims 4 wasn’t completely terrible.

Of course, they fucked it up for me. Now, EA have announced an additional season pass for the game. I was never against the idea of paying a lump sum for all DLC for a game, but I’ve been burned before when I’ve purchased a Season Pass only to get SOME of the DLC, and have to fork out  even more money for it.
Furthermore, I’ve joined that legion of people who try to avoid preordering games until we see if they’re actually good. What if I fork out the sixty additional dollars, only for the future content to not be that good, or not worth the money? I don’t know what the content even is yet and they’re asking for the money before the core game is even released.

Maybe this game will be great, maybe it will be a popular game played by tens of thousands of people every day for the next few years. However now I’ve written this, I don’t think I will be joining them. Given the price-tag sits at a total of $160 AUD currently, I have a feeling many others will be on my side of the fence.

Infinity Wars–Healing Kills

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Deck in action (YouTube).

The main objective of this deck is to bring out Celestial Dragon and Corrupted Celestial Dragon. With Corrupted Celestial Dragon in the support zone, Celestial Dragon will do 40 damage instead of just 20.

The commander choices are to get some early attacks and disruption happening, and the deck is full of abilities to kill the forces the opponent brings out and buy time until late game is reached.

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Tell me I’m wrong to hold off on GTA V.


I have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting. GTA V is finally coming to PC. I’ve held off on playing it on consoles, wanting to experience it in all it’s glory on my ideal platform.
Now it’s here though, I’m finding myself hesitant and skeptical of it. This is in part due to it realistically being a 19 month old game that still costs $80, but there’s one main issue that has me worried.

See, GTA Online is the thing that appeals to me most. Multiplayer GTA in a massive scale sounds amazing and is something I want to be a part of.
However, I’m really put off by what I see on the Steam Store page for the game:


So if a person pre-purchases the game by the end of the month they will start off with one million dollars in game. This might truly be insignificant, but judging from what I’ve read, it isn’t.
You see, apparently things you buy in GTA Online aren’t just restricted to weapons and armor. You can also buy cars and places to store those cars, as well as home properties.So already, you have players able to own cars before people who don’t pre-order.
Next, according to an excerpt from an old IGN article:

Rockstar has also said, in an interview with Game Informer, that Heists will require at least one player with a larger home with an office for planning the jobs

The minimum price of one of these buildings, which are apparently the 10-car garage apartments, is $200,000. Now I don’t know how hard it is to get money yet, so it might be really easy to get this. However, the fact that players who pre-order have an advantage over other players in that they get to do Heists quicker as well as having weapons and cars faster feels bad.

This may all be a non-issue, but based on the information I have, it’s definitely unappealing for the person like me who can’t spend $80 on a game. Once again as stated in the title, if you can convince me otherwise I would love to hear it.