Review: True or False – False.

I’m always up for giving a free game a chance. These people put time into something, put it out into the world and ask for nothing in return. However sometimes these games aren’t worth your time even when they are free, and unfortunately True or False falls under this category. It wouldn’t have even fallen under my radar had it not gotten onto Steam somehow.


What you see above appears to be the “whole” game. Every question is presented in the same blue box overseen by a monkey, on a green background. When you answer, he winks and then a pig tells you if you were right or wrong, before heading straight into the next question. There’s a chill music loop playing the entire time which is really quite relaxing and is well suited to the simplistic gameplay.

The game throws achievements at you at random to distract from the lack of substance contained inside. The idea of the game is sound, but has been done before, and better. Including features as simple as giving context to the question when you get it wrong (Don’t just tell me it’s true. Tell me why Charlie Chaplin was banned from America in 1952.), would go a long way to improving True or False as a game. Throw in some graphical variety as well as some proofreading, and the majority of my complaints would be solved.

As it stands, True or False is the sort of thing a person makes as their “first game” that they make when learning the very basics, and hide it away forever. It’s not something that should be on a storefront like Steam, free or not. The only thing this game is really good for is an easy 12 achievements based around answering a few select questions correctly. Other than that, save your bandwidth.

imageTrue. Definitely true. I have never known anything more than I know this.